Thursday, September 20, 2012

Using MassLogger As A Limited User In Windows 7

I’ve come up with a procedure to get the clip download functionality working for limited users in Windows 7. Log the user off of Windows Logon to Windows as a local or domain admin Go to the Computer Management console & add (temporarily) the user’s account to the local Administrators group Logoff Windows Logon to Windows as the user (now a local admin) Run Internet Explorer as an administrator – you have to launch IE with Run As administrator for this to work Go to the applicable Masslogger url Add that site as a Trusted Site in IE Go to the Masslogger As Run Log tab, click on Extract Clip & install the Active X Control Download & Save a test clip to confirm that it works If you have more than one station, make sure you add both Masslogger urls as Trusted Sites & go through the Active X install process on both Massloggers Go to the Computer Management console & remove the user from the Administrators group Logoff Windows Log back on to Windows as the user (now back to being a limited user) Confirm that you can still download a clip from the applicable Masslogger(s).