Thursday, October 29, 2009


iNews Wires Not Working
AP AP Express Fox CNN

If the Data Receiver computers are restarted, the wire services in iNews will stop functioning.

The iNews console will display the following message repeatedly:
"No configured WS resources for AP" (or whichever wire service is down).

At the console, type in:
List C News

That will provide a list of wire services and their respective numbers, like this:
w51 news A-net AP
w52 news B-net AX
w53 news A-net FX
w54 news B-net CN

This tells me that the AP & Fox wires are on Server A and that the AP Express & CNN wires are on Server B.
It also tells me that the AP wire is wire 51, AP Express is 52, Fox is 53, and CNN is 54.

To restart the wire service & get the wires working again, type:
Stop XX
where XX is the 2 digit number of the wire in question. E.g.,
Stop 51
would stop the AP wire service on the iNews server.
It will automatically restart when the next wire story comes in.

You have to type the command in on its respective server. So, if I want to stop wire service 52, I have to switch to the B side first and then type in Stop 52.

Go back to the Data Receiver machine & launch the Data Receiver Administration Application & check to see if wire stories are coming in. Open the iNews client on a machine & check the wires queues to see if new stories are coming in. It's been my experience that missed stories will start coming in once the wire service is restarted on the server.